Friday, February 5, 2010

Eighteen Months

This week the Super Cooper will be a year and half old and the Winter Olympics start.

Exactly eighteen months ago Cooper was born on the first day of the Summer Olympics. I can honestly say that when she was born I thought I would be the perfect mom. I would be so together and get it all right. Or at least not care what other moms thought about my mothering skills.

Yeah, well, I was wrong.

So, so wrong.

I have been less than perfect and lord knows, I barely get it right. I'll never understand why they let someone still trying to figure things out, guide another being through life.

One thing I have begun to take in stride is worrying about parenting critiques. I am sadistically addicted to a local moms listserve that serves only to shred my parenting self-confidence. There is no end to the list of parenting faux pas in which I appear to have engaged.

So today, in full disclosure, I give you 9 moments in Olympic Cooper parenting history.

1. I have let Cooper watch television -- she is especially fond of Spanish court tv and ice skating.

2. I have introduced Cooper to the enjoyment of the enveloping quiet of the car while I have returned the shopping cart.

3. I have never, wondered, questioned or begrudged Marta, our nanny, the free down time when Cooper naps - whether she watches tv, takes a nap, whatever, I figure it makes her happier and rested for the rest of the day.

4. On multiple occasions I have kept Cooper in her pajamas all day, even while running errands.

5. One of Cooper's first words was bye-bye, practiced each day as I leave for work -- and I am totally alright with that.

6. I have flown Cooper cross-country, roundtrip, twice as a lap child.

7. I never gave Cooper rice cereal, she started eating with fruit solids.

8. Cooper has a suggested bedtime.

9. Weekly dinners tend to be heavily populated by takeout food.

My next faux pas will be keeping Cooper up for the Super Bowl.

Now she is starting to mimic me and this holds potential for even greater faux pas. I guess it could be has only been eighteen months.

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  1. Love your blog. I'm pretty sure I've committed all of the above mothering "sins" as well...though I am convinced of the benefits of occasional TV in Spanish (stela loves Plaza Sesamo, ok, we like it) and rice cereal is empty calorie garbage anyhow. Also, hardfast bedtimes are over-rated and PJs are under-rated.