Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Presidential Evening

Last night, the Love of My Life (LOML) was inducted as President of the St. Andrew's Society of Washington, DC.

The annual Burns Night Dinner provided the occasion for the ceremony.

It was an evening of pipers, haggis, furry knees peeking out from kilts, amazing fiddling by Bonnie Rideout, and odes to Robert Burns.

Several times throughout the evening there was mention of my "new role" as "first lady". Hadn't really gone there. Hadn't really given it much thought - this was LOML's thing in my eyes.

But as they say, beside every great man is his partner. ;)

So as the room rose in unison to clasp hands for Auld Lang Syne and LOML closed the evening with the benediction from our own wedding; it struck me how fortunate we were and how much we could learn from this opportunity.

Both of us.

The presidential "armor".

Congratulatory black Tahitian pearl & handcrafted gold cufflinks gifted to LOML by me.

The presentation of the haggis.

For the occasion.

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