Saturday, January 21, 2012

La C and the Bad Hat

It has become a rather insidious affair.

In the morning La C tromps off to school the hat jauntily perched on her head.

In the evening after a lengthy search by all hands on deck of the school from top to bottom La C returns home.


First to go was the Old Navy Outlet pink jester hat with white polka dots.

Next went the hand knit white cap with ear flaps.

The hardest loss was the red danish knit hat that was actually mine but we were getting desperate as the hat pile waned.

The kicker here is that every day we lost a hat the set of mittens came home in tact.

How does that happen??

We still have both of the matching pink and polka dot mittens.

And the white hand knit mittens.

And the pink ski mittens that accompanied the danish knit cap.

I am...flummoxed.

It has been a particularly trying couple of weeks for me on all fronts. The situation of the bad hat has allowed me to focus my frustrations.

And highlights the complexity and inanity of child rearing.

This was a week of multiple bathroom timing accidents, a fall during aftercare, and a biting incident (La C was the recipient of the bite).

A week of bureacracy, deadlines, and professional biting.

But what has consumed the household is the situation of the bad hat.

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