Monday, January 24, 2011

...It's My Birthday Too!!

So today is my birthday. I am old. Older than I think of myself as being.

In my mind I am 27.

In the mirror I see 27. (They say the eyesight is the first to go.)

And in my mind's eye, I am 27.

Usually on my respective past birthdays I have vacillated between railing against change and craving accolades that I have achieved a new age.

This year I am experiencing an unexpected sense of calm. An almost zen, out of body appraisal of the fact that today is my birthday. That time is marching on. That change, in its maddening single mindedness, is transforming me and my life.

And I am okay with it.

Then again it could just be that I am in a state of elated countdown to my Caribbean vacation next week.

I suspect, however, it is the littlest boo that is grounding me.

That whirling, pink tulled dervish whose voice seems to only operate at decibel 10.

You all remember my grinchy holiday blog post. Well, Christmas was amazing and I survived. But. I had this thought one night on the way home from work.

I was sitting in the car at a stoplight two blocks from home. The carols were playing. It was dark and chilly out. I was staring at a house with its holiday lights and decorations.

And I realized that I will do this -- Christmas -- potentially --- 50 more times.

Fifty more Christmases.

And all that entails.

Fifty more years of living life fully as an adult.

Calculating that I have been living life fully as an adult since I was 18 -- I have only been at this for 20 years.

I have 50 more to go.

It makes time seem so liquid.

Because it isn't the actuality of the passage of time, it is how we fill those ticking tocks.

It is the milk through your nose laughter with friends -

The recognition as you enter a sun splashed room that this is your favorite time of day -

The loss of a loved one that sharpens the point of life -

The calendar entry that takes for granted tomorrow is a new day.

It is staggering and humbling and joyous to realize I may have 50 more years.

I have a new toy --- I found a site where I can pull together outfits with pricing links!! It is like paper dolls all over again!

I might have mentioned how I am off for my annual girls' beach winter getaway next week so I pulled together some winter getaway appropriate outfits.

Travelling in style is tough these days what with the flying sardine cans but give this comfy chic outfit a try!

Sightseeing or shopping in the warmer climes means cool, casual and pulled together!

Dinner by the sea is a must! Take advantage of the spring's love of maxi skirts to add some elegance to your evening.

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