Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sometimes It Hits You Harder Than You'd Think

I did not know her personally, but Elizabeth Edwards was a mother and a fighter and I admired her. A few words penned to honor her --

When We Wear Our Grace

We never know the role we'll play -
The mask we'll wear -

But we polish the heart on our sleeve -
Oil the armor we wear -

And paint the town -

Our shoulders bend but never bow -
Our eyes dull but never narrow their scope -

We wear this life -
Like an evening cloak -
Furling it out when the day is good -
Shielding ourselves when the pain sets in -

Our stature never humbles -
Our expectations tried and true -
Let us fight what tribulations must -
Break through -

Life is nothing -
If not spectacularly daunting and beautiful -
When we greet the day -
Wearing our well worn grace.

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