Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ramblings of a Woman in Need of Something

It's been quite a day, quite a week actually. Ah, hell the past six weeks have been interesting.

So I sit here at my desk at the office and am fielding emails from an alarming number of colleagues across several government agencies still working at 8pm - your federal government never sleeps! And I need to take a mental break.

I give you my Top Ten Things About Me That Are Not Important Enough To Actually Take Up Someone's Time To Share Them With So I'll Blog About Them ---

10. My podiatrist actually recommended I wear heels to even out my hips. He said two inches but I pretend he meant three inches.

9. I sweat profusely on public transportation - buses and subways - even when I am one of three people on said bus or train car - it is alarming but it is how I justify taking cabs.

8. I rarely try clothes on before buying them.

7. I would love to wear flip flops as commuter shoes but fear the scorn of fellow women / fashionistas.

6. I think Ira Glass's voice is depressing.

5. I am terribly jealous of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. (Yep, I admit to childishness here.)

4. When I say something is "interesting", that is not a good thing.

3. I am obsessed with stories of tragedies and will Google for more and more details.

2. I feel guilty that I did not do more to acclimate our family dog to condo living.

1. When I am home by myself I hold whole fake, soap opera-y dialogues with myself -- including the other people.

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