Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Promise of a Lifetime

Here is the poem I wrote for my husband and read to him at our wedding reception ten years ago today. No other words could be truer today. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!!

This Promise

There is a silence
When a word
Is born -

Who could foretell
Who dared to dream
Yet here we are

What spinning universe
Fell out of sync
What power
Knotted in its own deceit
What desire
Quenched its enduring flame

And written song
Left unheard
Waiting still
For that voice
To make
The right touch upon our ear

The greatest pillars
Of history
With a mighty roar
I am sure
That foundations will falter -

That trees
Will sweep their stately
To the ground
In prayer

On my soul
I swear
The sands
Will drink the overflow
of the ocean's tears

Because we loved.

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