Friday, December 12, 2014

Life is DIY

I have really struggled with whether or not to write this.

I haven’t had time to send thank you notes, check in on friends, reply to play date requests but here I am taking the time for a personal rant.

But I can’t let this go – and as with so much of my life, if I write about it, I will process it and get on with the important things in life like being thankful and keeping up with my friends.

Last week I picked up La C from school at the end of the school day. As she ran in to my arms, her teacher says to me –

“Wow, she seems very happy to see you. By the way what are your work hours? We hardly ever see you.”

This is true.

Juge does morning drop off because I am downtown at my desk at 7:30am.

A medical student, moonlighting as La C’s afterschool babysitter picks her up when school ends at 3:15pm. Me? Still at my desk.

I look at this woman and I want to say –

Well, a lot of things that don’t need to be repeated. And a lot of justifications. And a lot of issues I have with her and...none of it conveyed me - who I am raising this child.  
So, what I said was  

"No, you don’t see a lot of me and that is okay – because I see a lot of La C, which is more important."

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