Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Mother's Day Dilemma

It has come to my attention that I view Mother's Day rather differently than a good deal of mothers.

When the Love of My Life asked what I wanted to do for Mother's Day; I was ready. I laid out a detailed schedule of me time with the occasional drop in by La c and Love of My Life.

"Ookkaayyy." he said. Wisely withholding further comment.

But that "Ookkaayyy." stayed with me.

Was I the only mother on the planet who saw Mother's Day as a day off?

I asked a friend what she was doing for Mother's Day and she replied she had not really thought about it and when was it?

Sigh. That did not help my cause.

Several more inquiries of friends later --- all of whom were planning kidlet filled Mother's Days --- and I knew my place as most selfish mother was set.

In my head I planned a new day. It was all La C all the time. It was bucolic...lazy breakfast, picking flowers on a walk, a picnic, lilting breezes, nap times.

We kind of do that every weekend - minus the picnic - we are so darn tired by the end of the week that the weekend is pretty much a laid back affair following the whim of the tiniest whirling dervish.

And once in a while on those days I wish, fleetingly, for one day of naps when I want one. Or take a walk at greater than a glacial pace. Or a pedicure that doesn't require precision timing to when someone else's nap ends.

So for Mother's Day I am taking the day off. Guilt free.

Because I know that the other 364 days of the year La C is the center of my world.

FASHION P.S. - Below are three outfits to match how you choose to spend your Mother's Day. Whether you are going out to brunch with your mother-in-law, spending the day with the kidlets or taking a personal day you can rock being a chic mom.

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